Welcome to Golden Path,

My name is Nicosia King, and I am the founder of all Golden Path and GPHC facilities. Here at Golden Path we focus on non-medical home care and adult family home care which provides assistance to individuals with limited mobility such as activities of daily living. For many seniors they desire to live independently, which is why home care options have become an increasing demand due to the amount of diversity within it.

Home Health Care

Our Mission

To provide our clients with quality service that meets their individualized needs. Golden Path values the opinions of the clients receiving care and strives to ensure that their needs will be met by qualified individuals on Golden Path's team.

History of Golden Path

Golden Path originated in 2010, by the founder and CEO Nicosia King who took care giving to another level of kindness, professionalism, and the development of families. Nicosia was raised in a two parent home by parents James King and Mary King-Hite. Throughout her childhood, Nicosia's family always took in and helped many families in need. Her mother Mary always made it her business to help anyone who needed a helping hand. Mary's loving heart was certainly passed down to her children. She always reminded them to be a blessing in this world and to help others from the heart. Nicosia did just that growing up and was able to start her first business in 2010. Nicosia opened Golden Path Senior Living Company which is an adult family home assisted living facility. An essential support person who made a significant impact in the starting of Golden Path is James Hite. Without his love and support she would not be where she is today. Because of the support Nicosia received, in 2013 Golden Path Home Care opened up it's doors for in-home personal care, along with employment opportunities. From the foundation laid out by her parents Nicosia is able to give her clients a better peace of mind knowing they are in the care of compassionate individuals who want to build a rapport of loving care that will enrich the lives of those in need.